Our Origins

As Frank A. Borges recalls, “moving to Santa Rosa, California in 1984 to semi-retire was not enough for me and my wife Mary. I registered at St. Eugene’s parish and became involved in their Catholic community.

My friends – Joe Piasta, Everett Woodruff, and myself would meet for coffee Monday mornings to share our faith and fellowship. We discussed the possibility of someday establishing the formation of an organized club for Catholic businessmen and women. A place where Catholic business people could meet, break bread together and share the faith, hear Catholic speakers, network in our business world, and renew our faith in God.

The idea was kicked around – until Joe, Everett and I decided we were ready to talk to our Bishop.  On April 1, 1990, we met with Bishop John T. Steinbock of the Santa Rosa Diocese. The concept was introduced to Bishop John – received his blessings, and encouraged us to go forward with the idea of a Catholic lay organization of businessmen and women.